1. Why is it called Pearl’s Domain?
A lot of people ask me this and I really don’t know. When I started writing a Starlight Express website, I realised that I needed a good name for it – ‘Anna’s Starlight Express site’ sounds kinda long and dull. Since no one had yet called their site Pearl’s Domain, I did. It wasn’t until quite recently (within the last few months) that other people started calling their sites Dinah’s Domain, Ashley’s Domain etc. I like to think of myself as driving the bandwagon, not jumping onto it.

2. How old is Pearl’s Domain?
I’m pretty sure I wrote most of it in summer 1999 but I don’t know. Version 1 (completely pink) has been up since at least September 1999 (I know that’s when I installed the first counter). It was completely rewritten in January 2000 and again in November 2000. The site originally mainly consisted of what is currently the lyrics and humour sections, and I gradually added more and more as I got it – the site has grown spectacularly, and wasn’t really written at any one time.

3. How do you do that cool random quote thing on your front page?
Sigh……I found the script in a script archive. I can’t remember which one. If you know anything about HTML or Javascript, then just look at the source of the page. If you don’t, then any explanation is probably not going to be very helpful anyway. I’m sorry, but I explain this one a lot.

4. Where do you get all your information?
People send it to me. Seriously. Most of the London information I gathered myself, but the rest is entirely due to a long list of very helpful and friendly people. They can be found on my credits page. I really would like to thank everyone who sent me things. They’re mostly people who don’t want to write their own sites, but have lots of lovely information that just needs compiling and HTMLing, and I’ve always been willing to do that. Pearl’s wouldn’t be the best StEx site on the net if it wasn’t for all you guys, so thanks!

5. Where do you get all your pictures?
Most of them are my own scans. Those that aren’t are credited. Most of the German pictures are from either the current German programme or a selection of postcards sent to me by Bettina Pfeiffer. The New York pictures are from the Vocal Selections. The London pictures are from the current souvenir brochure and various other leaflets and things that I have. A lot of the newer pictures are scans from the brochure collection of my lovely friend Liz, who lent me all her brochures, despite the fact that I live in England she lives in the North-East US. Luv ya, Liz!

6. I want to write my own Starlight Express website. Do you have any tips?
I have lots! Make it easy to read, don’t do a black background (it’s so cliched), make it easy to navigate, but most of all, make it original! No one is going to want to visit a site with nothing new or interesting. If you have original and unique photos, or info, or fanfic, then by all means share it with the world. And please also follow the rules of good web design. It makes it so much easier on the eyes. Thank you.

7. Can I use some of your pictures on my site?
Probably. Email me at webmaster@pearlsdomain.co.uk and we can talk about it.

8. I have some stuff you don’t. Do you want to put it on Pearl’s?
Absolutely! Basically, I want anything I don’t have, to put up here. Things like cast lists, lyrics, photos etc are always welcome at pearl@beeptwo.com, as are fanfic, fan art or anything else. See the Wanted! page for specifics.

Have any more questions? Email them to webmaster@pearlsdomain.co.uk.

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